What’s in it for you?

The scope of the RTE role is such that there aren’t many peers inside a single company. Hence the value of building an international community to share ideas and build the profession.

Join the community that builds the RTE role

Hear the stories from the Release Train Engineers that are currently pioneering this growing profession; learn from their experiences, challenges, and struggles. Witness a no-posturing, peer-to-peer productive environment, giving equal space to success stories and tales of trial and error. The Summit is a unique source of inspiring ideas and expert advice.

An intense exchange of ideas

Attend focused breakouts hosted by a wide range of experts to enhance your own skills and knowledge. Topics featured in the past include Leadership and People skills, PI event facilitation, Dependencies and Risks, Budgeting, Stakeholder management and, many others.

Join an Expanding Networking Hub

Nowhere else will you find a gathering that features so many RTEs – and only RTEs. A great opportunity to meet, discuss, and share ideas with others about Agility at scale. Forge professional relationships that can last an entire career.

Designed by RTEs for RTEs

The Summit was conceived by Andres Jansen, an experienced RTE who has curated it for four years running. The result is a carefully balanced, specialized program to advance your professional development - whether you are an ‘old master’ or just beginning your RTE journey.